You should have Podman installed on your system.

For details, you can refer to Podman Installation Instructions.

Debian / Ubuntu

apt install podman


dnf install podman


ContainerUp is released on GitHub.

Images of ContainerUp are hosted on

Two methods of installation is provided here.

It’s recommended to install ContainerUp using a Podman container.

Install using binaries

Binaries of ContainerUp can be downloaded on the release page. Choose the file according to your architecture.

$ ./containerup -h
Usage of containerup:
        Generate a hash from your password, then exit. For security reasons, you have to input your password interactively.
  -listen string
        Address to listen. (default "")
  -password-hash hash
        REQUIRED. The bcrypt hash of password to be used on the web. Generate a password hash by using argument --generate-hash
  -podman URL
        URL of Podman. (default "unix:/run/podman/podman.sock")
  -tls-cert string
        Path of TLS certificate. When specified, the listening port will serve TLS instead of plaintext.
  -tls-key string
        Path of TLS key
  -username string
        The username to be used on the web. (default "podman")
        Connect to Podman with a v3 legacy version.
        Show the version of ContainerUp, then exit.

Install using containers

ContainerUp has been tested with root user only. Run all the commands with root user.

Environment variables

Check this page.

Example commands

Remember to mount the socket of Podman API into the container, and set your password hash.

# Pull the image
podman pull

# Check the version of your Podman
podman version

# Generate your password hash
podman run --rm -it containerup -generate-hash
# example input 12345, output:
# $2a$10$tRhTPH7xGTJnNUUWgH/96.klhqU2z7zEPTwqa0/KfzJa4RHrVQF0O

# Run ContainerUp
# If you're running Podman v3, add an environment variable CONTAINERUP_PODMAN_V3=1
podman run -d --name containerup -p 3876:3876 \
  --restart always \
  -v /run/podman/podman.sock:/run/podman/podman.sock \
  -e CONTAINERUP_PASSWORD_HASH='$2a$10$tRhTPH7xGTJnNUUWgH/96.klhqU2z7zEPTwqa0/KfzJa4RHrVQF0O' \